We often take advantage of where we are situated and visit local places with all or some of the

children. The 2-5yr olds attend the library to listen to stories and borrow books once every

two weeks. We also enjoy visits to the Art Gallery, the Falsgrave pet shop, skipping on Shrove

Tuesday, feeding the ducks in the Valley, and picnics in Falsgrave Park, to name just a few…

Beach School activities take place each week on the South Bay Beach. Consent must be given

on the admission form for your child to take part, along with a completed Emergency Contact

form. All outings will be conducted in line with nursery policy.


When your child starts, a key person will be assigned to the family to assist with the settling in

period and as a point of contact for you. This member of staff will work closely with your child

to provide continuity for him/her. The key person will be responsible for your child’s needs and

development on a daily basis. The key person will complete on-going records about your child’s

progress, which you are welcome to share at any time via the online Learning Book.


Key Person


In the weeks prior to your child starting nursery, a transition process will be tailored to suit your child. Generally you will be invited to attend 2 free 1 hour sessions to introduce him/her to the setting and routines. During the first visit you will get to know your key person and update records and any individual needs/routines. During the second visit we encourage parents to settle their child, before leaving them for a short time. We have found this works very well for both child and parent and we are happy for this to happen provided staff/child ratios

are upheld.

Welcome to Skylark Day Nursery in Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Developing Individuality

We value all children as individuals and we believe that play is the way in which young children develop their individuality. Through specialised training and careful planning, we at Skylark Day Nursery have created an effective learning environment which encourages rich and stimulating play in all areas of learning.



Play helps them to find out about the world around them and it is the way in which they

develop their speech and language alongside their physical, intellectual, social and emotional skills and concepts.





Active Play!

More particularly children love active play. We know that they love to be on the go; jumping,

rolling, crawling and running! Given the opportunity, all children enjoy exploring and testing themselves with new experiences. At Skylark we believe this should be encouraged in young children and harnessed as a method of learning new skills and strategies. We want children

to grow up valuing an active, healthy lifestyle and feeling confident about what they can achieve.



Putting it into practice

We believe the best way to do this is by having a highly qualified staff that are passionate

about what they do, and creating an environment which allows children freedom to be what

they are – children!



Parents can request breakfast for their child between

8.30 - 9am if required.

Lunch consists of a two course meal with a drink of water. Menus are displayed on a chalk board on the kitchen door daily. Lunch is served between 11.30am and 12.15pm. Children are encouraged to brush their teeth after they have eaten.


At 4pm, children will be offered a light meal or sandwiches followed by a dessert or fruit and water.


Served mid morning and mid afternoon, snacks consist of milk or water with various fresh organic fruit and/or vegetables.

Water is available all day for the children to self serve.

Your baby’s diet and feeding is planned in partnership with you. We will puree our own food from the daily menus if you so wish, but if you prefer you can provide your own baby food.

Children increase their confidence and independence through the development of their physical skills. A range of equipment and opportunities, both indoors and out, will enable the children to create and meet challenges, practice their skills and take risks skilfully as they develop their gross motor-skills. Children’s fine motor-skills will also flourish, enabling them to handle small objects and use tools, pens and pencils with increasing control. The importance of healthy eating for a healthy body and mind will also be included.


Physical Development

(Prime Area)

All children are encouraged to extend their vocabulary and fluency by talking and listening, responding to stories, rhymes and songs. Children take part in activities planned by our Communications Leader, based on our involvement in the ECaT project (Every Child a Talker).


Communication & Language

(Prime Area)

Children are naturally inquisitive; they love to observe and explore. Children are encouraged to be aware of the world around them, to ask questions and make connections between their observations and their experiences. In turn they learn respect for themselves and others and have a better understanding of the world in which they live. They can also begin to use simple tools and techniques to achieve their intentions and solve problems.


Understanding the World

(Specific Area)

Children will learn to understand the skills of sorting, matching, ordering and counting and the concepts of shape, position, size, volume and number. This will then enable them to solve practical problems whilst developing their vocabulary.



(Specific Area)

Children learn about the importance of reading and writing through mark-making activities and the availability of a wide variety of books.



(Specific Area)

Children will be given a wide range of resources to express their own ideas and feelings through construction in both 2D and 3D. Paint, glue, crayons and pencils, along with natural and discarded resources, will provide open ended opportunities to explore colour, shape, texture and form. Children will also express themselves through music, stories and imaginative role-play.


Expressive Arts & Design

(Specific Area)

Within a friendly and homely environment children are encouraged and supported to develop their confidence, autonomy and self-respect, caring and sharing for each other and showing respect for people and property. They are encouraged to work both independently and as part of a group.


Personal, Social &

Emotional Development (Prime Area )

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Skylark Day Nursery is co-owned by Tracey Elliott-Hobson and her sister Sarah Emms. Both Sarah and Tracey are qualified teachers and working mothers, each with more than 16 years teaching experience. The 2 final members of the management team are the  deputy managers, Nicola Butcher (Level 5 in Early Years) and Deborah Wells (Level 3 in Early Years and Level 3 in Management).


The remaining members of the team are all qualified, ranging from Level 3 to graduate level qualifications in childcare. One member of

staff currently holds the Early Years Professional Status.



All staff have regular training in First Aid and Safeguarding Children. In addition to this, all staff, volunteers and students, must hold a clear Enhanced DBS check. In-house training is ongoing for all to ensure we keep up to date with current practice. The nursery is OFSTED registered, which means we are monitored regularly to ensure good practice. Our latest OFSTED report, in which we received a ‘Good’ grading, is available on request.


We adhere to the staff to children ratios at all times, as set out by Ofsted:

Under 2’s 1:3, 2yrs-3yrs 1:4, and over 3yrs 1:8


Throughout the year we may also have trainee students working with us, from our local University, the East Riding

College, Scarborough Sixth Form College and secondary schools, as well as German students

from a local language school.



Skylark prides itself on being a small team; your child will

have their own key person who will build that relationship

with you and your child, but the size of the team means

that everyone will know who your child is, and will have

their best interests at heart.


Tracey Elliott-Hobson

Co-owner of Skylark Day Nursery

At Skylark Day Nursery we offer a small friendly, family childcare service in the Scarborough area catering for up to 44 children in a homely environment, where parents and children are made to feel welcome and are well cared for.



Skylark Day Nursery is about children, first, last and always, and if you don’t believe us, come and see.


Most staff members are qualified as Beach School Leaders, running a Beach School Trip each week throughout the year for our Rainbows and Little Stars. We travel to and from the South Bay Beach in the nursery’s ‘Smurf Van’, doing activities on the beach linked to the EYFS, whilst learning about the immediate environment in which the children live.






Click on the bubbles below for more info..

Through specialised training and careful planning, we at Skylark Day Nursery have

created an effective learning environment which encourages rich and stimulating play

in all areas of learning. We are very child focused, which means that planning revolves

around the children’s interests, not the interests of the adults! By tapping into their

passions we can then guide the children’s development.





Nursery provides an excellent chance for children to experience a social life in ways

which it can be hard to duplicate elsewhere. Humans are social creatures, and children

are the most social of all! Coming to Skylark gives them a chance to interact with their

peers as well as the opportunity to see younger and older children in other areas.

The introduction of Mini-gyminis and dance sessions allow children the time and

space to learn about their co-ordination and balance development.


We know that leaving your child may be one of the hardest things you have to do. Even if you long to return to work, or have that sense of ‘self ’ again (which a couple of sessions a week provides), knowing that your child is happy and content means that you can concentrate on what you need to do that much more easily. Here at Skylark we know that the child’s number one educator, and the most important person in their life, is you, so we do everything we can to make sure that you know as much about what they get up to during their time with us as possible.


Benefits of attending

Skylark Day Nursery

For Children

For Parents

• We have regular newsletters, which tell you what is coming up, and what’s gone on.


• Notice boards around the setting display information about forthcoming events.


• Display boards show what the children have been getting up to.


• Digital photo frames show photos of the activities the children have taken part in.


• Settling in sessions prior to starting Skylark, which enable you to come into nursery with your child to see what happens for yourself.


• Secure on-line Learning Books allow you to access your child’s learning journeys at any time, using your personal password.


• Link books link us to you and vice a versa. Key persons write what your child has enjoyed during the day, whether they have eaten everything or just picked, did they have a sleep and how were their nappies? All those important little details!


The nursery is situated off Londesborough Road, behind Falsgrave in Scarborough. The building was originally a chapel and its design has enabled the nursery to be situated on one floor, arranged into three age phases; 3 months to 2 years (Sunbeams), 2-3 years (Rainbows) and 3 - 5 years (Little Stars).



Please click one of the icons below to read more about each area.

6 months - 2 years old

2 -3 years old

3 - 5 years old

We also have a beautiful Skylark Garden, situated just 1 minute away from the nursery. The

garden is very safe and secure. Children go here to extend their learning and development;

playing in the willow tunnel, on the play mound or in the play house. Children love digging,

planting., running, jumping, throwing and exploring, or just chilling! Skylark Garden is also the

location for our annual mini olympics and fundraising garden party.



At Skylark Day Nursery we use the revised ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ Curriculum which centres on developing the whole child from birth, through into primary school. Observations of individual children are recorded regularly to help staff to plan for each child’s individual needs and enjoyment. Particular attention is made to children’s physical skills; as research shows that children who develop and fine tune their motor-skills go on to improve in all areas of learning.


Our key person system enables us to continue to plan for individual needs as the child progresses

towards the ‘Early Learning Goals’ (ELG’s) which links Nursery and the Reception year of



The Curriculum includes seven areas of learning and this forms the basis of our planning. They



The nursery is closed from 6pm on 23rd December, re-opening each year after New Year’s Day. We are also closed for the week preceding the last August Bank Holiday each year, re-opening on the Tuesday after the Bank Holiday Monday. No charge is made for these two weeks’, however Bank Holidays are included within our charges. An alternative day may be taken in lieu of a Bank Holiday, provided it is booked in advance of the date and taken within one month of the Bank Holiday, subject to availability.


Children aged 3 years old and over automatically receive funding from the term after their 3rd birthday. You will be given the relevant paperwork by us to receive this funding. 3 year old extended & 2 year old government funding is currently means tested so please speak to a member of staff or visit the northyorks.gov.uk website for further details.


Please provide a small bag for spare clothing, nappies, comforters etc. In each area there are named pegs or pigeon holes for each child to hang their belongings on.


We like parents to encourage their child to find his/her name label on their peg and to hang up their own belongings in the 2-5 year old areas, thus starting to encourage independence. A full set of spare clothes is useful, as sometimes fun can mean mess!


A cap and sun cream with your child’s name on is also necessary as the weather gets warmer and if your child brings wellington boots, we recommend using a named wooden clothes peg to keep them together too. Waterproof jackets and trousers are available to borrow for outdoor play all year round.

When you drop off or collect your child the staff will be happy to talk to you about them. We also provide a home/nursery ‘link book’ for children under 2 years of age, in which we will record times of nappy changing and sleeping and food eaten. Similar information is held in a link book for each 2 year old child, extended to include toilet training. We also record mile-stones, issues or concerns in this book and hope you will use the link book too as it is a good way to pass

important information from home when necessary. Our older children are encouraged to pass on information to their families themselves, of what they have been doing at nursery. This is supported by daily feedback from your key person at the end of each day.


The records of your child’s achievements through observations and photographs are kept online in your child’s own Learning Book. You will be issued with a password when you start at Skylark, enabling you to log onto your child’s account from the comfort of your own home. The Learning

Book is also used by your child’s key person to provide the basis for future planning, meeting the needs of your individual child. These records may be shared with the school your child later attends, but ultimately you will be given these records that are a priceless keepsake of your child’s formative years at our nursery.


There is also an opportunity every March to attend a parents’ meeting. Here you can talk with your child’s key person in depth about their progress, or share any home achievements or concerns that you may have.


Children will be excluded from nursery for 48 hours after a bout of sickness or diarrhoea has

ceased, to limit the spread of infection. We would also encourage you to keep your child at home

if he/she has the symptoms of conjunctivitis as this is also highly infectious.


Children who have been prescribed new antibiotics are also excluded for the first 48 hours in

case of side-effects.


Fees remain payable if a child is ill.


Please inform the nursery if your child will be absent and also tell us about any recent illness

your child may have had. Nursery will contact you without delay if your child becomes unwell

and ask you to collect him/her immediately.


Parents can obtain a list of communicable diseases and recommended exclusion periods from

the Nursery. Please ask if you would like advice about any of these.


We will only administer medication which has been prescribed by a doctor and is in its original

packaging. Medicine should be clearly marked with your child’s full name, expiry date and

prescribed dosage. After completion of a consent form by parents, all medicines administered by

Skylark staff will be recorded in the medicine file. Parents and staff must sign after administering.



Please let us know if you suspect your child may have head lice and we can make other parents

aware so they can check their own children. This information will be treated in the strictest




Please inform nursery staff if an accident or incident has happened at home so that staff can

monitor your child. This will be recorded on the necessary form.


If your child is involved in a minor accident or incident whilst at nursery, this will be recorded in

our accident record book, which you will be asked to sign after reading.


If a major accident or incident were to occur at nursery, parents will be contacted without delay

in line with nursery policy.


We have a lovely kitchen area which is well-equipped and meets health and hygiene regulations. There is also a low level breakfast bar which enables the children to take part in supervised cooking and baking activities safely and to watch ‘Grandma Skylark’ at work!


Meal times and snack times are a positive and social experience for the children and staff alike. We encourage table manners and independence, allowing the children to make choices and serve their own drinks and snacks. The children also help with the clearing away afterwards, where




All meals are cooked on the premises using organic fruit and vegetables wherever possible. We aim to provide a healthy, balanced diet, which offers appetizing food to encourage  children to try both familiar and new tastes.

Dishes are given names to entice the children and to make eating fun!


Special dietary needs will be catered for if requested. Meals will be provided for all children on the premises unless parents/carers request otherwise.


If you prefer to provide your own food, that is perfectly acceptable, provided it is in a sealed container clearly labelled with your

child’s name.


Please supply your own child’s milk feeds, ready made up, in bottles labelled with your child’s name. These will be kept in our refrigerator until required.


We would rather children did not bring crisps, sweets etc. into the nursery as it often upsets other children who want them too! We must also be cautious due to the allergies some children may have. We ask that you do not allow your child to come into the nursery eating and do not leave uncontained food in your child’s belongings.


We enjoy celebrating the children’s birthdays. If you would like to bring something for all of the children to share we recommend fruit, perhaps an unusual type, for us to share at snack-time - or some children simply prefer to bring in a cake!


We always sing ‘Happy Birthday’ as part of our meals that day and photograph the special occasion.

At Skylark your child’s safety is paramount. We have an intercom system installed at the front door of the nursery for you to alert us of your arrival. This ensures the well-being of the children and staff at all times. Once you have entered the entrance area, the inner door requires a key code, or a member of staff to allow entry.


We ask you to always inform staff who will be collecting your child if it is going to be anyone other than parents/carers. Please ensure you include this on the admission form and keep us informed of any changes. If you are unable to collect your child as planned, please contact nursery as soon as possible. No person under the age of 16 will be allowed to collect a child from the nursery. A password will be required from any person who is not known by the nursery staff.


We maintain a visitor/contractor signing in book, which records all visits to the nursery by people not directly connected to Skylark.



Written consent will be sought before your child will be included in any photograph (see admission contract).


Please telephone us to arrange a visit. We can show you around our nursery and introduce you to

the staff, before discussing your family’s needs and requirements. If you would like your child

to attend Skylark Day Nursery, we ask you to complete the admission forms and return

them to us with a days fees as deposit.


Admission will be on a first come first served basis, subject to availability in any of our areas.

If a place is not available, we can add your child’s name to our waiting list. Please read our

Admissions Policy and Procedure as signing the Admission Contract means you will comply

with our policies and procedures.


All of our policies and procedures follow Ofsted guidelines. These documents are fundamental

to the smooth running of our nursery and are reviewed by staff regularly. Each policy is available

for you to look at. If you would like a copy of any of our policies, please ask us.





Full Day

8am - 6pm

Full Day

8am - 5pm or 9am - 6pm

Full Week

Morning Session

8am - 1pm

Afternoon Session

1pm - 6pm

Additional half hourly rate


Fees are reviewed in August.

Payment is by monthly standing order, on the first day of the month. Alternatively, payment can

be made weekly or monthly in cash. Please speak to Tracey to arrange this.


Each term you will receive a fee statement and account details which breaks the term into 4

monthly payments, due on the first day of the month.


If you require any one-off extra sessions, these must be paid for at the time they are taken. All

booked sessions must be paid for. A summary statement is provided at the end of each term and

any outstanding fees must be paid within 7 days. Outstanding fees after this time will incur a

£5.00 charge per month until the balance is settled. Failure to pay unsettled fees may result in legal

proceedings and your child will loose their place at the nursery.


Late collection after 1.00pm (morning session) or 6pm will incur a minimum £5.00 fee.




£220 or £200.50



We welcome all children irrespective of religion, ethnicity or disability, and we strive to cater for individual needs. Our Special Needs Coordinator is Tracey Elliott-Hobson



Our complaints procedure is included in the Policies folder. If you have any cause for concern please

come and talk to us so it may be dealt with quickly and effectively. Complaints can also be sent to

Ofsted should you wish, and their address is:Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, MANCHESTER,

M1 2WD.

If you have any good ideas which would improve our practice we would also welcome them. A parent

questionnaire is sent out in the spring term which provides us with valuable feedback which we use to

continue to develop and improve our provision.


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